It’s feeling free
when nothing has changed
for the better.

Skin still fits over bones
and knuckles still turn blue
from clenching hands<

Eyes still grow empty and
skin still glows pale like
the white of the screen

Songs still break a heart
and poetry still means too much
to be just words.

Mysteries are still mysteries
even in the form of a person
staring back at you in the mirror.

Halls are still just halls with
the sound of running away,
running towards.

Cigarettes still burn and
mesmerise the dark of outside.
Wind still dances and stars still sing.

Bruises are still bruises even when
it’s long since faded and it’s
a soft whisper of yesterday.

Home is still home even when
nobody quite understands the
hum and the sing of words.

He’s still just a boy you search
for in everything except in
letting go.

But chains are gone.
The feeling of being held back
and maybe even held together.

Freedom doesn’t come when
circumstances change.

Freedom comes when you change.



Hello world!


I have wanted to start a blog for a really long time. I guess I just never got around to doing it or never really knew where to begin. This is my beginning.

I guess this blog is just all my thoughts thrown together. I want people to get to know me and perhaps I’ll meet myself along the way.

I think sometimes we’re so alone in this world because we meet so few people that actually understand us. I want to start understanding people.

They say the only way to receive is to give. I want to give away a little piece of my soul on this blog so maybe I can get a few pieces of souls in return.

All my love x